From someone I respect

I have been to the grenfell tower and witnessed the pain in the eyes of those who lost their loved ones, I saw hundreds of posters with young children’s faces and the elderly…missing. A photograph of an entire family with two little smiling toddlers turned to dust I cried.. I watched a little boy light candles surrounded by bouquets of flowers.. the back drop a dark gloomy charcoaled tower. I marched with the people of grenfell distraught and desperate for answers. The enormity of the scale of lost lives I have cried many times. I heard the pain in my mothers voice on the phone when she told me the tories had voted against a 1% pay rise. My mom works hard she is qualified and works with children she has not had a pay rise for 7 years. When I discovered my mothers true income I cried again. I was angry. I saw all the heartache and disbelief of people who had just witnessed the tories laughing at our own hardworking underpaid dedicated nurses not getting a pay rise. I witnessed grown men crying on the news because the tories had cut our fire services. I read a status by a lady distraught that the school she worked at could not afford new exercise books for the children. I spoke to nurses upset and ashamed that they are having to use food banks. I walk past the homeless every day on the way home from work sparing any change if I have it, they lie in every doorway and occupy every bench. I see the Sikh men come every evening in a large van to feed them all and provide provisions. I saw the picture posted by a man of himself campaigning at the side of the road with a sign in the country side which he has done for the last 5 years against fracking. There was the man who shared my petitions who I later realised was constantly trying to raise awareness about the inhumanity of fox hunting and the Tories acceptance and encouragement of it. I read the article about the tories blind eye to ivory sale. I have listened to many accounts from the disabled who feel like they are being victimised and left with little or no money to scrape by on. I stood next to a little girl with a sign around her neck at a protest that read ‘leave my education and free school meals alone’, I attended a reproductive rights protest and listened to harrowing accounts of the young girls being sectioned and arrested in Ireland fully supported by the pro forced pregnancy DUP. I felt the horror of the nation that the government was forming a coalition with homophobes. I read a comment from a man flying to the demo on Saturday from Ireland he was against the coalition with the DUP he felt it would cause trouble in Ireland and felt the DUP were responsible for deaths in his home town. I saw the devastating pictures of English bombs dropping over Syria, I watched a video in regards to Theresa’s plans to control our internet freedom, the news we receive, what is published and what we post. I endeavoured to help those who could not afford the privatised train fairs to the demo on Saturday one good hearted woman donated her train fare to another. I received several messages from the elderly willing to travel all the way to London to march, the disabled willing to borrow wheelchairs. I campaigned hard for labour and Jeremy Corbyn, I implored people to vote, I stayed up all night to see the results, i became angry at lost postal votes, admin errors and people being turned away. I heard tories sneer after the results about ‘the money tree’ and make obnoxious comments like ‘under 25’s should not be able to vote unless they have a house’ but nonetheless I know my efforts were not in vain! Although I have watched so much bigotry, I have saw so much fascism, I have heard so much austerity, And I have started to feel so much oppression.. I will never feel defeated.. I will continue to fight the good fight until there is no fight left in me ✊🏼🌹for I watched Jeremy’s speech at Glastonbury and it gave me hope.. I read up on his history of protesting and fighting the good fight and it inspired me.. I read all the heartwarming comments in the group and it motivated me.. I have a vision of love, peace & equality and that is intertwined into every fibre of my being.. that is why I will never loose my integrity..
They have tried to divide us,
They have spread lies & propoganda,
They have ridiculed us,
Tried to scare us but yet we still stand in defiance and solidarity.. for we are the many and THEY ARE THE FEW!❤️🌈🔴 Blinkered and sorry for they know not what they do!

Do not doubt your convictions, never loose hope! Hold your heads high and rise up! We are stronger than you think and they are afraid!

Forget strong and stable we are resilient and lionhearted 🦁 ❤️✊🏼
Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit!

‘ I will not go down under the ground,
‘Cause somebody tells me that death’s comin’ ’round.
An’ I will not carry myself down to die.
When I go to my grave my head will be high.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground!’


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